Monthly round-up: October

Hey guys,
last month I started the monthly round-up series and got really nice feedback from you.
Thanks for that! :)

Due to that I'm definitely going to write a post about what happened in October.
I must say this month has been crazily busy - I wrote about 20 reviews in 14 days, roadtripped through the country and met some really wonderful people.

A few incredible things happened behind the scenes which means they'll be online in November.
Starting tomorrow. ;)

I hope you enjoy this reflection.

Artists who visited house in the sand:

Interview: elias (part 1&2)

Blogs I loved:
Jim Kroft's tour blogs (how could I not love this?)
Pretty much everything on A Beautiful Mess

Things that made me happy:
Starting to blog for the Huffington Post Germany
Spending two incredible days in Berlin

Music I bought:
Gabrielle Aplin (iTunes Festival London 2013)
'Royals' by Lorde
'Cracked Polaroids' by Jim Kroft (why did I just buy this now?!?!)

What I'm looking forward to in November:
The tons of upcoming posts I'm really proud of 
2 great giveaways for you
Hopefully getting feedback and tips from you

And that's it again!
October was definitely nice but I think in one month time we'll agree that November got some hot stuff for you! :)
I hope you're looking forward to drink some tea with me in November.

Thank you for reading, it means a lot!

Artists that visited house in the sand:
Artists that visited house in the sand:
Artists that visited house in the sand:


  1. Ich bewundere es immer wieder, dass du komplett auf Englisch schreibst. Ich will auch so gut Englisch können. :(
    Ich glaub ich werd mich gleich mal durch die Bands und Musiker klicken, vielleicht finde ich ja was Neues. :)

    1. Viiiiiiiiiiielen Dank dafür! Ich denke, das kommt einfach dadurch, dass ich vor ca. 4 Jahren die amerikanische und britische Musikszene für mich entdeckt habe und somit andauernd Englisch gelesen/gehört habe.

      Ich hoffe mal, dass du etwas findest, was dir gefällt. Ich kann ja sowieso alle weiterempfehlen. :)


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