EP Review: 'Sea Of Yards' by Greg McEvoy

Artist: Greg McEvoy
Title: Sea Of Yards
Genre: Folk-Rock
Release: 17th September 2013
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Hey guys,
today I'm happy to share my review of Greg McEvoy's EP 'Sea Of Yards' with you.
Greg is a singer/songwriter from Toronto (Canada) and you could define his music is folk rock.

1) Someone Who's Around
2) The Words In My Head
3) Alone In The Fire
4) Forever
5) Fear Of Love
6) All This Time
7) Kerouac

Already the second track 'The Words In My Head' shows off Greg's talent perfectly.
The up-beat track with slightly country-ish elements and the whole instrumentation puts the vocals into a super interesting light.

Fragile backing vocals complete the track.

Greg's wide range of notes will impress you after just a few tracks, trust me.
His strong voice reaches deep as well as high notes effortlessly. And you're still comfortable while he's singing high notes.

Last song 'Kerouac' is a beautiful ballad with its' focus on guitar and vocal performance. 

To bring it to a point: 'Sea Of Yards' is a wonderful EP which you all should consider buying.

You should listen to these tracks: Someone Who's Around, The Words In My Head, Kerouac

Greg McEvoy online:

I hope you enjoyed!


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