Instagram, please save me.

Hey guys,
I have to be honest with you: I forgot to prepare a post for today.
Normally things like this don't happen but apparently I'm just human and I make mistakes.

All posts I'm currently working on take an awful amount of time to finish so there's nothing I could show you today - 

except: some pictures.
Instagram pictures to be exact.

I quite like this app and I love sharing random photos so here are some.

Again, I hope you can forgive me for not preparing anything. I guess the upcoming content will be worth today's mess. :)

left: guess the concert ;)
right: partying at house in the sand. 

 left: I love polaroids.
 right: Sometimes listening to music isn't enough.

left: Smiling idiots.
right: Done packing. That's all I need.

left: typical work.
right: the desk of chaos and ideas.

 left: flyering tour dates is exciting!
right: and so are 37k views. :O


 left: one of the most powerful and emotional songs.
right: thank you for this lovely present, B&WB

That's it.
I hope you enjoyed this insight of pictures.
If you'd like to follow me on instagram - look for 'houseinthesand'. 

Quality content will follow - I promise! :)

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. your instagram photos are lovely! if i have an account, i'll definitely be following you ;D



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