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Hey guys,
 another wonderful duo sat down to answer the 'Get To Know' questions.
Eutopia are introducing themselves to you and I really hope you enjoy the lovely details they shared with us.
(I love the insight of their lives! :) )

Who are you?
We are Eutopia a London based electro-rock/power-pop duo, Alexander Kotziamanis and Leah Lennick. Alexander plays the guitars (lead, rhythm and bass) and vocals. Leah does the keys and synths and is also a vocalist.
We both write the music and lyrics as a team. Both were born and raised in London, though Alexander has greek Cypriot heritage. 

 How would you describe your music?
Our sound was once called 'Decadance'. We like this. It's hard to sum up as we try to make music that defies genre stereotypes. We mix the big guitars and choruses from classic rock, add some straight up dance beats, bass and synths sprinkle over some classical orchestration and some vocal harmonies...but then again we also like a simple, well played riff, a pretty piano line, a rough vocal with a lot of passion.
What ever fits the song.
What does music mean to you? Why did you start?
We were always going to, and always will, make music. When you can't help but make something, whether or not you can make money from it...well that's when you know you have to try and make it your career. We are very blessed that we can make a living from something we would spend as much time doing even if we couldn't.
Sometimes things are in your nature and you can't escape them. It was never a choice or a decision. We were always going to be in a musical world.

We met at the end of 2010 over a heated discussion on who is better: Cash or Dylan (we are firmly in the Cash court...he is a musical priest and lacks Dylan's erring towards pretentious...though we realise this is a contentious issue). We immediately hit it off and got chatting. I (Leah) was pretty bored on the dance/clubbing scene and Alexander was equally bored with the standard rock band set up.
We were basically wanting a bit of each other's world so we came together.
We started off with a more traditional line-up (you know live drums, bass player etc), but it wasn't working for our vision of what we wanted. We started living together towards the end of 2011 and we decided around Easter 2012 that just being the two of us meant we could really make the music we wanted to.
We have an intense musical relationship where we can be totally open and honest with one another and this really works for us. Music isn't a job or even a hobby to us. 
It literally fills every aspect of our lives.

What have you released?
We have released one EP to date, our 'Satellite Of Love' EP. It is a four-track of fairly diverse music. We like to write in the different styles and want each release to offer a cross section of all the things we do. We make everything at home: play all the instruments, record everything, produce, mix, master etc so it takes us a little longer than just popping along to a studio.
We think that today an artist's originality is compromised frequently by too many fingers in the pie so to speak. We like to do it our way for now. As such, we hope to make a fairly constant stream of creativity available as and when it comes. We are currently in the studio working on our second EP, which we hope to release before Christmas, alng with a couple of fun remixes and covers with likeminded musical folk we have met along our way.

What do you have coming up?
This year has been a turn around for us. As well as releasing our first EP, launching our online presence and having our first child, we are about to embark on our first tour. We have been playing the underground London scene for a while now (with a break for having a newborn).
We have a fairly unique and technically unusual live show which we have developed and are now taking on the road. We will be playing a series of dates across England and Wales this winter and spilling over into next year. We also have our second EP in the works and are about to launch our Youtube channel.  

Eutopia online:

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