EP Review: 'Sundial' by Ben Barritt

 Artist: Ben Barritt
Title: Sundial
Genre: Acoustic, Folk
Label: unsigned
Release: 19th April 2013
hits rating: 9/10

 Hey guys,
Ben Barritt is a singer/songwriter from London, residing in Berlin.

I remember when I first saw him playing guitar in May 2012 during the JK headline tour I was already really impressed.

Shame it took about a year to finally get in touch and get this wonderful EP.

Needless to say I'm really excited to review his EP 'Sundial' for you now. 

1) The End Of Her Street
2) Westbound
3) No Idea
4) Sunset Yesterday

And exactly those guitar skills are present on the tracks.
Beautiful guitar riffs paired with piano, bass, drum beats, trumpets and more really show how 'Sundial' is anything but monotonous. 

I would describe Ben's voice as a warm and expressive instrument which he uses very very well.
You can hear the John Mayer influence we've talked about in the interview but Ben still has his very own and unique sound which clearly shines through on each track.

'Westbound' effortlessly impresses with light folk elements, a great piano instrumental part, a sparkling beat and of course Ben's expressive voice.
'Sunset Yesterday', the last track, is a beautiful guitar and vocals based ballad.

The slow and soft percussion control the atmosphere of the song, the piano chords set the scene perfectly.

Handmade, passionate and honest music that sounds live just as great as on the CD.
Maybe it's an insider tip now - but soon it will be all over the news.

Mr Barritt - we're looking forward to your album!

You should listen to these songs: No Idea, Sunset Yesterday

Ben Barritt | No Idea from Ben Barritt on Vimeo.

Ben Barritt online:

Thank you for reading!


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