Monthly Round-Up: September

Hey guys,
today's post is something quite new for HITS. 
It's a round-up of all posts published in September.
I thought this kind of summary of the month could be useful for those of you who are not able to check out every blogpost I write but still would like to stay up to date.

And it's nice to reflect what happened during one month, right? :)

Artists that visited house in the sand:
Martin and James

(of course ...)
Blogs I loved: 
Jim Kroft's tumblr post about touring just warmed my heart.
Nessi's massive blog update filled with great music. 

Things that made me happy: 
 Martin and James announcing Jim Kroft is supporting them on tour
Mum taking the funniest picture of my horse Clio and me
some wonderful emails 
 being able to talk to a lot of you 
 watching the process of dreams coming true
 booking a flight to Berlin

Music I bought:
 "Kaputt" by Elias (EP)
Tom Odell live at iTunes Festival (EP)

What I'm excited about: 

I really hope you enjoyed this post. 
Please let me know what you think so I know if this should become a tradition. :)

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly,


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