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Hey guys,
the very cool guys of The Assist gave house in the sand a quick visit and answered some questions so you can get to know them.
Enjoy! : )

Who are you?
We are a 4 piece indie/alternative band from Walsall.
The lads are Mikey Stanton on Vocals, Ryan Stanton on Guitar, Jak Baker on Bass and Ben Faulkner on drums

How would you describe your music?
The genre we would describe ourselves as is indie/alternative its music that anyone can identify with from sing along anthems to infectious guitar riffs. We combine our influences of The Stone Roses, The Twang and Twisted Wheel to create a raw indie/alternative sound that also has a get up and smash the place up feel to it!

What does music mean to you? Is there a reason you started making music?
To us music is everything, it never lets you down and it’s the perfect way of expressing yourself and your personalities. It brings everyone from all different walks of life together. The main reason we started making music is we’ve literally been bought up on live music, we’ve been to that many gigs we just had to have a crack at doing it ourselves.

What have you released?
So far we are yet to release anything official, we have a couple of live videos on our Youtube and a demo of the song ‘Control’ on our Soundcloud account

What have you coming up?
Coming up we have our biggest gig to date headlining the o2 Academy 3 in Birmingham on the 15th November! We also plan to release our debut EP before summer next year.

Big thank you to The Assist for answering all questions! : )

The Assist online:

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