Single Review: 'Monsters' by Bloody Diamonds

 Band: Bloody Diamonds
Title: Monsters
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Strange Blood Records / Be One Music
Release: 12th March 2013
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,
today I've got a 2-track single review for you.
The band Bloody Diamonds sent me their tunes a while ago to review them for you.

Bloody Diamonds is a hard rock band from Halifax (Canada) and so far they've released their debut album called 'They've Got Secrets' and their most recent single 'Monsters' which is the one I'm going to talk about today.

The band consists of:
Sara Elizabeth (vocals, organ)
Jake Seaward (guitar)
Kristen Wells (bass, vocals)
Kyle Smith (drums)

photo: Andrew Stones Photography

'Monsters' is a driven rock song.

What's absolutely fascinating about this track is the way the vocals and instrumentals compliment each other by duetting.
Each element gets enough space in the spotlight and there isn't a specific focus.

The driven e-guitar, the perfectly blended bass and drum beats - everything just works.

Miss Sara who sings the lead vocals definitely knows how to use her voice to transport certain feelings. 
Damn that lady can sing!

The single also contains a B-side called 'Bright Lights Darling'
And again the fantastic vocal performance controls the song but does not overload the track at all.
The instrumental of the song would probably already be enough to get you moving. Needless to say the guitar riffs are on fire.
Energetic rock at its' very finest!

To sum it up in one word: brilliance!
If you're a little rock lover like I am - get this stuff! It's hot!

Bloody Diamonds online:

I hope you enjoyed!


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