Album Review: 'Two Birds, One Stone Later' by NARCS

Title: Two Birds, One Stone Later
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Clue Records
Release: 2nd September 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,
NARCS, the four-piece band from Leeds (UK) released their debut album 'Two Birds, One Stone Later' in September.
The band had several plays on radio and managed to record it within two days.

NARCS are:
Wilko (vocals, guitar)
Joe (guitar, vocals)
John (bass, vocals)
Stanley (drums, vocals)

 1) Souvenir
2) Sand Child
3) 19
4) Creatures
5) Coast To Coast
6) Collisions
7) Karaoke
8) High Commissioner
9) Irregular Reader
10) Tall Grass 

The driven rock sound, energetic atmosphere, strong and expressive vocals and raw instrumentals - that's how to sum up NARCS.

The song '19' gets stuck in your head immediately. And I know the guys sing about being 'tired to win' but honestly - with this track they just win.

'Karaoke' - the track that's been played on multiple BBC Introducing shows but also the track that will wrap you around its' finger with melodic instrumentation and polyphonic backing vocals.

For all the instrumental and guitar solo lovers - listen to 'Tall Grass' to get satisfaction.
Guitars, drums, bass, vocals - they all just work together and compliment each other so well.

A perfect album for autumn days you spend inside - the absolutely brilliant lyrics, the clever melodies and the charm the band from Leeds put into the tracks may not turn grey days into clear ones but make every dull day a very rocky dull day. 

You should listen to these tracks: 19, Karaoke, Tall Grass

NARCS online:

Buy record - here 

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