The HITS Playlist: part 4

Hey guys,
as you can probably tell by having a look at the topic - it's house in the sand playlist time.

The hits playlist consists of all the artists that have been featured so far.
As quite a few artists have visited the little house it's split off into multiple parts.

Here's part 4:
'Lose Your Colour' - Lizabett Russo
'Take Me Back' - Gilded Bones
'Knives' - The Box Tiger
'Call Out The Sun' - Broken Witt Rebels
'Hurricane Drops' - Nina Yasmineh
'Tell Me Toby' - The Megadudes
'Such A Shame' - Those Makeshift Heroes
'Creep' - Emine
'When You Gonna Come Back?' - Richard Walters
'Broken Jaw' - Laurel Canyons
'Hard Foot Blues' - Mark Mathews
'Make Believe Celebrity' - Best Not Broken

And of course I really suggest checking out all of them because all of the wonderful artists listed are incredibly talented and deserve to be known. :)

Previous parts of the hits playlist: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Thank you for reading!


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