Concert Review: Martin and James | Universum Club, Stuttgart - 24th Oct 2013

Main Act: Martin and James
Tour: Life's A Show Tour (with band)
Support Act: Jim Kroft (acoustic)
Date: 24th October 2013
Venue: Universum Club, Stuttgart
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Hey guys,
I again was lucky enough to see my three favourite musicians on stage.
Yes, I visited another Martin and James concert where Jim Kroft was opening. 

With nothing but his guitar and tons of passion Jim entered the stage and began to entertain the crowd with his wonderful music.
I had a flash back when he played 'The Great Doomsday Story' - the song I first had stuck in my head when I heard Jim Kroft for the first time - 20 months ago, opening for Martin and James with nothing but his guitar and tons of passion. It even was the same guitar!

Telling the crowd stories about the songs he was about to play and the story of how he met Martin and James, Jim definitely made everyone listen and laugh a few times.

The new songs he had to offer ('Diamond In The Rough', 'Typical Day', 'Like The Human Heart') showed that he never stops finding new ways to tell his stories through music.

And even though he was a little bit ill Mr Kroft was at his best.

It really is incredible how much emotion, faith, energy and love is transported through Jim's songs.
Mr Kroft - you are the greatest inspiration one could have. Thank you!

Martin and James conquered stage, I think, perfectly in time. Starting with the soft and intense 'Bloom', the best song they could pick to get everyone's attention.

But right after that it seemed like they had to show us the band behind them wasn't just decor so they bursted out into 'Where I Belong', a folk influenced, up beat and happy song. 

The band could not be any cooler or more talented. Great great guys!

 Those who didn't know it already learned that Scottish people like to party.
And I really don't want to doubt that but ... dear Scottish people on stage, don't you think those Germans in the crowd partied a little bit harder than you?

The party really started when Martin and James played 'Crashing Into Love' and everyone wanted to show off their best dance moves.

Slowing it down with beautiful ballads like 'I Know A Girl' and 'Bad Dream' they caused several goose bumps moments.

Then performing without electricity - means no amplifiers and no microphones - Martin and James showed that they only need their harmonies and their guitars to blow you away.
Silently everyone listened. Some people looked like they couldn't believe what was going on - I don't blame them - how many bands play unplugged?  

One thing I'll never forget is when the crowd turned into a wonderful choir for 'Matilda'. Sure I've heard crowds sing along before and it's always beautiful but Stuttgart just didn't stop.
Even when the guys had finished the song and put their guitars away the people in the crowd just continued singing "Oh Matilda, oh Matilda" for what felt like hours.

Keeping their promise "this is the last song we have for you, then we'll leave stage and come back again", like James said the time of encores began.
Bringing Jim Kroft back on stage to perform 'You'll Be Gone, I'll Be Here' the evening got to the most emotional point.
Martin and James, I'm pretty sure - whether he's watching from above or down below - your friend couldn't be more proud of you.

Finishing with the title track of this tour (and the album) 'Life's A Show' they helped everyone to calm down again and ended this concert in the most beautiful way possible.

But have a look yourself, I don't lie when I say that this was one hell of a gig!

I am really happy to announce that I have an exclusive performance, an interview and a giveaway coming up for you! Stay tuned and watch this space. :)

To the dear Scottish ones - thank you for this wonderful experience! I owe you more cakes, I guess. : )

Martin and James online:

Jim Kroft online:

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