EP Review: 'Look.See.Don't.Trip' by Kismet Ryding

Band: Kismet Ryding
Title: Look.See.Don't.Trip
Genre: Rock
Label: unsigned
Release: 14th October 2013
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,
Kismet Ryding, a psychedelic garage rock band from Grisby (UK) just released their new EP 'Look.See.Don't.Trip'.

The band formed in 2009 after a party in the Humphreys kitchen. Starting in the kitchen the guys have taken a good walk and manage it to be played on a handful radio stations and are loved by the blogosphere.

Kismet Ryding consists of:
Mike Freeman (lead vocals)

Josh Humphreys (guitar, vocals)
Tom Humphreys (bass, vocals)
Jazz White (drums)

The EP is a six-track masterpiece.

 1) Last Night's Stains
2) Comin' Up 
3) Good Good Way
4) The Most Famous Man (in our town)
5) Look.See.Don't.Trip
6) Hope & Glory

'Comin' Up' is a moveable, groovy rock track. It's still softer than opener 'Last Night's Stain' - this one probably blows you away and makes you play the sickest air guitar you've played in a while.
Both tracks stand out because of their expressive and energetic vocal performances.

'Good Good Way' is a smooth but catchy piece of music. The melodic guitar riffs get you humming along.

The band definitely created something worth listening to and show that they clearly know what they do when it comes to making music.

With danceable beats, incredible vocal performances and  this EP has got everything you need.
Kismet Ryding is definitely a band to keep your eyes and ears on!
You should listen to these tracks: Comin' Up, Good Good Way


 Kismet Ryding online:

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