Album Review: 'Yellow Lorry' by Andrew Ferris

 Artist: Andrew Ferris
Title: Yellow Lorry
Genre: Folk,
Label: unsigned
Release: 8th October 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,
the record I'm reviewing today got released after a Google hangout concert which was visited by 200 people.
Those words speak a lot, don't they?
Andrew Ferris just released his album 'Yellow Lorry' and asked me to review it. Of course I didn't say no to an offer like that.
Andrew is a singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom who's currently living in Austria.
1) Smile
2) Moving On
3) Lost At Sea
4) The Little Things
5) Little Bird
6) The Fall Of Man
7) Faster Than The Leaves
8) Something Changed
9) The Remainder

'Smile' starts off with a super happy harmony that is most likely to get you smiling. 
A really fresh and up beat song which goes straight into your head and probably stays there for a while.

Ladies, please prepare yourselves to 'aww' when 'The Little Things', a lovely love song with guitar and harmonica elements comes on. Lyrics like 'it's when you laugh when I fall over' and 'it's when I sleep on the edge of the bed when you decided you need it all' make the song a really special one.

 Especially Andrew's expressive vocals and the guitar base combined with interesting elements such as catchy drum beats.

So basically - if you're looking for a good time listening to music - I really suggest getting 'Yellow Lorry'. You'll just enjoy it.

You should to these tracks: Smile, Little Bird, The Remainder

Andrew Ferris online:


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