Video interview: Jim Kroft & Martin and James ...a very Scottish decision.

Hey guys,
last week I met up with Martin, James and Jim for an interview.
And I think it's safe to say that none of us exactly knew what was going to happen.

They didn't know what kind of questions I'd ask and I didn't know they would turn this into some serious kind of debating round.

But have a look yourself!

 Martin and James, the acoustic/pop/folk duo from Glasgow, Scotland have been on the music train for quite a while now.
So far they've toured with acts like Taylor Swift, Milow and Amy MacDonald just to name a few.
In 2009 they've released their debut EP 'Bad Dream', in 2010 EP 'Wrong Directions' followed.

2011 their selftitled album hit the stores and just in August 2013 they impressed the world with their current album 'Life's A Show'

left to right: Jim Kroft | Martin Kelly | James O'Neill

Jim Kroft and music have been a team for almost as long as Martin and James have.
The rock/folk/pop artist from Brechin City, Scotland has released two albums indenpendently and signed a contract with EMI this year.
In 2010 he released his record 'Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea', in 2011 'The Hermit & The Hedonist' found its' way into the music industry and in 2013 Jim Kroft released 'Lunatic Lullabies', his first record under the label EMI.
In collaboration with Spotify Jim wrote five exclusive songs inspired by stories his fans went through.

And these three talented men went on tour together and also sat down to chat with me. 
It's a surprisingly sunny October day in Stuttgart.
Around 5.30pm I arrive at the venue where Martin and James are set to play a gig for their 'Life's A Show' Headline Tour, supported by Jim Kroft.

Not exactly sure what entrance to use I phone the tour manager for help.
"We'll be there in five minutes."
image: Jim Kroft

And a few minutes later I start to hear lots of laughter coming from a group of guys playing soccer near the venue.

Saying our hellos and catching up on how the tour is going so far we head inside.

After giving me a good look of what soundcheck looks like (more about that soon) it's time to set up the little interview I prepared.

But it's not a normal 'I ask a question and you answer' kind of interview - it's a 'this or that' kind of interview.
The guys have to decide between two options.

Starting of with "Spring or Autumn?" they think it would be a really easy thing to do... but as soon as I make them decide between "Beer or Whisky?" they probably realize that it's not. 

You can watch the interview here.
Have some good laughs and get to know these cool guys.

(And yes, I know the sound is not the loudest but for me it works very well by just turning up the speakers a bit louder. ;))

At this point I want to thank Martin, James and Jim for taking the time to sit down and chat with me, for letting me look behind the scenes, for treating this tiny little blogger I am with so much respect. I owe you tons of cakes, I guess.

And of course I want to thank Ryan for organising all of this and for being absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

Martin and James online: website | facebook | twitter | youtube
Jim Kroft online: website | facebook | twitter | youtube

 I hope you enjoyed reading and watching.
I really enjoyed writing and producing so this post is really a special one. :)

Feedback would be appreciated! 


  1. You're great, Vanessa. Cheers to house in the sand :) x

    1. Oh my! Thank you SO much Sarah! I'm blushing like crazy! :) xxx

    2. I love your reaction :) You're welcome. Have a lovely day xx

    3. You are wonderful! Feel free to tweet or facebook me! Would love to talk to you. :) Have a lovely day yourself. :) x

  2. Die drei sind ja richtig symphatisch und das Interview hat sichtlich Spaß gemacht. :)

    1. Das sind sie definitiv! :) Es war mega lustig und so wundervoll entspannt. :)

  3. Witzige Idee, aber ich hab deine Fragen meistens gar nicht richtig verstehen können und musste dann raten, worüber sie gerade diskutieren... Das war ein bisschen schade.

    1. Hallo Iris, ich danke dir für dein Kommentar! Du hast Recht, es ist ein wenig zu leise - ich werde wohl auch schnellstmöglich in ein Mikro investieren, damit in Zukunft alles schön laut ist.
      Hoffe du hattest trotzdem Spaß beim Zusehen! :)

    2. Hi Vanessa thank you for this video, I love them martin and james and Jim too , I like very much this page and I thank you for sharing.

    3. Thank you so much for this comment, Siham! I am incredibly happy to hear you enjoyed this video, I had so much fun during this interview so it's lovely to hear people enjoy it. :) x


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