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Hey guys,
it's been a while since the last Get To Know post. But today the lads from Cold Summer are here to introduce themselves.

I am pretty sure the rock music lovers here are going to love them. So read ahead and enjoy.

Who are you?
We're Cold Summer based in Leeds / Wakefield area of England. Dan (Feast) sings, we have two Chris's! Chris (Harrison) plays guitar and Chris (Hepworth) plays bass, I'm Justin (Eastwood) and I play drums.

How would you describe your music?
I'd say we're quite a diverse band, it's not too heavily rooted in or an exercise in ticking off boxes for one particular genre, but I think post hardcore suits us as we are influenced by a lot of bands that do that style of music, that have taken hardcore in. Ok, yeah a more melodic direction but expanded upon its aggression to be more creative in musical terms.

What does music mean to you? Is there a reason you started making music?
For me personally I was quite late in some respects in starting to learn an instrument and make music, but I guess years of enthusiasm of listening to bands led to that point where I saved up and bought a drum kit in the later end of my teenage years with friends also at the same time having. I'd kind of reached a juncture in life where I needed to do something new and kind of balancing confusion, frustration and motivated after finishing high school, well it was a creative outlet and one that's grown and grown as times gone along. 10 years down the line it's pretty much all my spare time is spent doing.

What have you released?
We've released two EP's as we started playing shows in 2012, we released 'Transitions' first of all in January 2012 which was basically two tracks but also backed with acoustic interpretations that Dan had put together with some electronic elements. We started to work with producer Bob Cooper in April 2012 on recording the other songs we had written and been playing live and re-recording 'Waiting' that appeared on 'Transitions', these sessions and further work by Dan formed our EP 'Wake' which we then released in October 2012.
At this time we again went into the studio with Bob and recorded three more tracks that we'd written since.
At this point we decided to expand upon 'Wake' and turn the output of these two recording sessions into our first full length, we decided on it being a self titled release, the spine of the record reads 'Cold Summer' but I always refer to it as 'self titled' as one of my favourite bands Zao did that with one of their releases. We'd love to release a live CD, I have collected a few bootlegs from shows we've played but none of them have come out at release quality unfortunately.

What have you coming up?
Well we're currently looking forward to touring the UK in February which will be our first proper tour, we have been champing at the bit to get out there in a van but we've been unable to do it in the past. This all came about though as we had originally been in the process of booking a tour in Europe which unfortunately fell apart so we thought well, why not use this time to focus on playing some new places in England and so far we've got about half of the dates book. Well, before all kicks off, we're currently writing so far it's been quite a challenging experience but we'll hopefully have a few new songs to play during the tour. In terms of recording, I'll be quite honest, that's going to be quite far away for us, but we're going to take our time writing and see where we go from there.

 And that's it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know this cool band.
Special thanks to Justin for answering all questions.
Now it's time to listen to their album, isn't it? 

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