Monthly round up: November

Hey guys,
and with that November is pretty much over. Crazy!
You really start to realize how quick months pass when you do these monthly round ups.

Just looking at my little list of articles which went online this month makes me happy.
The big things were all produced in October but sharing them this month was the big fun.

And again things went very well and I had a pretty great November with you.  

Artists who visted house in the sand:

Things that made me happy:
- realizing what great human beings support me
- working on projects that launch 2014
- buying the prettiest blankets ever (ermm.. yeah that's important!)

Music I bought:

Geez... people - I get way too spoiled over here.
Can't believe I didn't buy anything new. Wowza.

What I'm forward to in December: 

- continuing the work on my newest project (which feels like it's a baby)
- another giveaway
- Photo Sundays

(and Christmas. Of course!)

I got to pick around 20 songs I love and they will be played on this very cool live stream - tomorrow!!!
Head here for more details: New Music Fever's Shotcaller: house in the sand blog

So that's another round up. I hope you had a good November and hopefully some of the house in the sand posts made it even better?!

As far as I can tell December is going to be a bit less crazy than November but there is going to be a lot of great music! :)

I'd love you to take this journey with me!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Freue mich schon darauf was es bei dir im Dezember wieder tolles gibt. :) Und danke fürs Verlinken! ♥


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