Spotlight On: Permanent Ability

Hey guys,
today I'd love to introduce a very special band to you.

Permanent Ability, a funk-rock/alternative band from the sunny side of the globe, Los Angeles.
Band leader, singer, songwriter and producer Brian Lanese might be a familiar name.
Brian is a three time Emmy Award winner, has been nominated for a Grammy and even is related to Mark Twain.

Maybe those are few of the reasons he writes and produces every track of the band.

Starting out in 2008 the band released their debut EP called 'From The Womb To Hollywood' and already started collecting fans with their unique sound.

Continuing with a bang the band's album 'Bring It On!', a collaboration between Brian Lanese and producer Jim Wirt (No Doubts, Fiona Apple), the band managed to get five first round ballot Grammy nominations.
('Best Alternative', 'Best Performance by Group', 'Best Package Design', 'Producer Of The Year' and 'Best Rock Song'.)

For all fans that followed the band for a while now and for all of those who plan to do that - there will be a new album soon. 

'Good At Losing' really highlights the funk elements and combines them with guitar riffs that are on fire! 
Singer Brian's voice just ties it all together to create the band's incredible sound that's made to be heard by bulks!

This band is one to keep your eyes and ears on.


Permanent Ability online:


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  1. Klingt richtig gut. Mal was anderes soll ich hier lieber auf Deutsch oder lieber auf Englisch kommentieren? :D


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