Album Review: 'Glacia' by Western Jaguar

Artist: Western Jaguar
Title: Glacia
Indie-Rock, Alternative
Label: unsigned
19th September 2013
hits rating: 7/10
Hey guys,
Western Jaguar is Jeffrey Trainor's music project.
The musician from Mission, British Columbia (Canada) released his debut album 'Glacia' just a few months ago.

And I got the pleasure to review it for you. So here we go!

1) Darby

2) Karoo Mammals
3) Year Of The Flood
4) Violet Sweatshirt
5) Mt. Baker
6) Glacia

On this record you will hear lots of e-guitar elements used in different ways. Nothing sounds monotonous, nothing sounds boring.

Opener 'Darby' represents the dreamier, softer side of the album. Vocals and guitar harmonize and blend together very well. A slowly marching drum beat supports this tune.

 'Year Of The Flood' soaks you in with it's mysterious vibe, the interesting instrumentals and the ballance of backing and lead vocals.
This track could easily be on a soundtrack.

Being a lot rockier than the track before 'Violet Sweatshirt' shows why we would catagorize Western Jaguar as Indie Rock and Alternative artist.
Calm but expressive vocals set the scene and turn the whole song into an experience you want to remember.

To sum it up: this album seems to be made for this time of the year. The slighty mysterious edge makes it unique.

You should listen to these tracks: Year Of The Flood, Karoo Mamals, Darby

Western Jaguar online:

Thank you for reading!


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