EP Review: 'fünfkommafünf Lieder' by byebye

 Band: byebye
Title: fünfkommafünf Lieder
Genre: Acoustic Pop
Label: unsigned
Release: 2012
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,
don't worry - you are not drunk - the title of today's review is German. ;-)

The band byebye contacted me and ask for a review on Albumcheck. (You probably know that I'm a contributer for this amazing webzine.)
Of course I agreed and got two CDs - the album I reviewed for Albumcheck and another EP which I decided to take for house in the sand.

byebye are Oliver Haas and Tim Ludwig, two musicians from Leipzig, Germany.

The duo mainly plays acoustic pop but I'd still say some tracks are slightly reggea and folk influenced.
1) Unklar

2) So spät schon
3) Du siehst so gut aus
4) Vergeben
5) Irgendwo im Nirgendwo
5 1/2) Halbes Lieds 
With warm and perfectly harmonizing vocals byebye basically wrap you around their fingers.
 The songs make you feel like summer is coming back - light guitar strums paired with soft percussion and pretty charming lyrics.

When it comes to creativity Tim and Oli definitely don't need help. Song titles like 'Halbes Lied' (half song) transport the light and relaxed feelings of the tracks and represent the band's sound.

'Vergeben', a soft ballad, slows it down a bit and just lets you calm down. This song shows that byebye have more to offer than just fun and up beat tracks.

To sum it up - byebye is one of these bands you maybe haven't heard of yet but you will hear a looot about them soon. Take it as an insider tip.

You should listen to these tracks: So spät schon, Du siehst so gut aus

Here's 'Cabrio im Regen' (it's not on the EP but definitely a video you should watch!)

byebye online:

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