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Hey guys,
I think you all know how much I love getting to know YOU, my beautiful audience, better. 

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook things are a lot easier and I was lucky enough to chat with tons of you so far.
Besides that passion for music we all share, a big amount of you also loves photography. And so do I. 

And that is the reason why I now present you 'Photo Sunday' - a new segment where I try to entertain you with photography based information.

For the debut of this segment I already have something amazing to share with you.
The very good folks of PhotoLove decided to collaborate with me and so we've done a little interview and product introduction.

PhotoLove prints your photos as polaroids!

house in the sand: There are so many ways to print pictures. Why did you choose the polaroid look?
Thiemo: I don't even remember how we got that thought. I think me being a polaroid fan was one of the reasons. I'm a proud owner of a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 420 :-). We just love that retro style.
Max: I like that you have to focus on one main thing. For polaroids you have to focus on the square - that looks a lot a lot pithier.

house in the sand: How big is the PhotoLove team?
Thiemo: Our team consists of only the two of us. We get support from friends and family.

Max: My wife Tessa helps us a lot by packing the prints and sending them out. Our team is probably going to grow next year.

house in the sand: What does a normal day of work at PhotoLove look like?
Thiemo: There is none! :-) There are new things waiting for us every day.
But what happens daily are things like customer service, logistics and progress. I'm responsible for our software and I constantly try to develop it.

house in the sand: Can you give us a little sneak peek for the future? Are you working on something new?
Max: In the next few days there'll be a Christmas special, Christmas is right around the corner and we have a great present for that.
There are going to be new features too. Such as cropping the photo and a new back side look.

But the rest is still a secret. ;-)

house in the sand: What is your most photographed object? Is there anything you've already photographed 100 times and still find interesting?
Max: Faces. You can photograph people in so many ways it never gets boring.
Thiemo: I don't think I have a most photographed object but I think I like old things. If it's rusty or broken it's interesting.

house in the sand: Music and photography work so well together. Do you visit concerts every now and then? If so - do you also take pictures there or do you just enjoy the music?
Thiemo: I visit concerts quite often and used to take pictures there.
I've had a compact camera which actually worked well with the lighting. Unfortunately it got stolen on vacation... Nowadays I just enjoy the music without the distraction of a camera.

Max: I also captured a few concerts on film and memory card. This became a quite commercial genre so I now let the photographers who do that for a living do their job.

house in the sand: And since house in the sand is a music blog I'd like to know what you listen to! Any tips?
Max: My taste in music consists of facets. I love live concerts and I focus on the way the music is made instead of a genre.  My heart beats for jazz such as "Avishai Cohen" - but if the songs are well produced I also listen to what's popular right now. A good friend of mine gave me a tip which I'd like to share: Milky Chance (for example with "Stolen Dance).
Thiemo: I'm a friend of harder sounds but I don't mind if it's something different as well. I just discovered an interesting style. The "Diablo Swing Orchestra" mixes classic metal with jazz, swing & progresive rock. Crazy but good.

And now to the prints. Max and Thiemo offered me 12 pictures.
 So I took a few moments to decide what I'd like to print and went for two groups of pictures:
1) pictures that mean a lot to me because they capture memories
2) pictures I took and am really proud of

I am a massive polaroid lover so it's not much of a surprise that I looove love love these prints.

There are three sets of prints offered on the website:
- PhotoMail (up to 4 pictures)
- PhotoBag (5-12 pictures)
- PhotoBox (13-24 pictures or more)

To get your pictures printed all you have to do is login in with your instagram or eye account and or create an account to upload the pictures from your computer.
It's super easy!

 The quality amazing! The colours are very close to the original and their anything but dull.
Printed on quite thick photo paper you can touch them as often as you'd like. ;)

If you can't wait to get yourself or your friends (remember, Christmas is right around the corner!) some prints - head over to the PhotoLove website and have fun.

Big thanks to Max and Thiemo for this lovely collaboration! 

PhotoLove online:


Thank you for reading! :)

this is a collaboration between PhotoLove and house in the sand


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