HITS exclusive: "My Dog Don't Like The Rain" by Martin and James

Hey guys,
I am really excited about what I can present you today.

You probably remember Martin and James going on tour being all over the news. (Nice song reference!)
Well at least I tweeted and facebooked and blogged about it.

Maybe you even remember the interview I've done with Martin, James and their support act Jim Kroft. 

If not ... you should watch it! Here.

And before we've done that interview the good guys gave me a look on what soundcheck looks like. It's a lot of fun!

And then they kind of surprised me with an exclusive performance for house in the sand.

But have a look yourself. : )

Ok one more thing - before you complain about the quality, yes I used the wrong camera. I should've used the DSLR but I wasn't completely prepared so I didn't.
To make that good for you I put in the lyrics so you can sing along.

 Anyways I had an amazing time and I am really happy about the result. 

P.s. I actually wanted the lyrics to be in because I really love the message of this song. 

Again - a big thanks to Martin and James and Ryan. You guys are pretty cool. 

Martin and James online:


Thank you for reading and watching!
  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! : )


  1. Ach das Video ist doch trotzdem ganz gut geworden und das Lied ist wirklich schön. :)

    1. Dankeschön! :) Die beiden habens einfach drauf, da kann die Qualität noch so schlecht sein. :)

  2. I definitely love it! Thank you! : ) x


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