Interview: Hey Bulldog

Hey guys,
 I recently chatted with Rob from Hey Bulldog, a three piece band from Manchester, England.
Inspired by one of the biggest bands, The Beatles, the guys play a mix of psych and rock'n'roll.

Hey Bulldog are:
Rob Manton (guitar, vocals)

Matt Parry (bass, vocals)
Ben Howarth-Lees (drums

Get to know the guys a bit better and find out their dogs, their EP, recording and a lot more. 

house in the sand: Hey Bulldog - that's quite a creative name you have. How did you come up with it?
Rob: We're named after the Beatles song 'Hey Bulldog' it's probably one of their least known tracks and I always loved the riff. When I was reading a book by one of their engineers Geoff Emerick he speaks about the recording of the track and how it was the last track where it was just the four guys in the studio working together on a track with no influence outside. So then I decided it would be a good name for a band as it's only really big Beatles fans that even know the song. 

house in the sand: But are you bulldog owners?
Rob: Ben, our drummer has a dog but it's not a bulldog maybe he should get one!

house in the sand: You told me you're recording your next EP which should be out in December. So what does recording a Hey Bulldog song look like? Lots of chaos or organization?
Rob: Usually I'll do a rough demo of the track at home and play it for Ben and Matt, then we rehearse and the three of us turn it into a Hey Bulldog track. When we go into the studio we try and capture the vibe of the three of us playing together so it's pretty much organized chaos.

house in the sand: And what can we expect from that EP?
Rob: The EP will have a few different elements on there, we have an old school blues almost gospel style track than there's 'Numb' the first single which is completely different to that. The remainig tracks all of elements of modern psych and garage rock with probably a touch of pop melody in there too.

house in the sand: When you play live - do you only play your own songs or do you also cover some tracks?
Rob: We've only ever covered one song which was '7&7' by Love. We haven't done it for a while but I heard it on the radio the other day so it might end up in a set soon.

house in the sand: What have you been listening to lately?
Rob: Lately it's been lots of Ty Segall, Nick Cave, Wolf People, 13th Floor Elevators, the Parachute album by the Pretty Things and Fanfare by Jonathan Wilson.

house in the sand: Life would be easier if?
Rob: Somebody gave us a big wad of cash.

house in the sand: The best song you've ever written is?
Rob: It's hard to judge your own stuff, 'New York City Blues' is always a live favourite but our latest track 'Numb' has got more airplay than anything we've ever done before.

house in the sand: One thing everyone should know about you guys?
Rob: We're a great live three piece and there aren't many of them around at the moment.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are Hey Bulldog and we ...
Rob: ... are a Rock'n'Roll band.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you'd like the house in the sand readers to know?

Rob: You can get 'Numb' for free from our and stay tuned for the new EP.

Hey Bulldog online:


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