Interview: Tyler Ward

Hey guys,
I'm pretty sure that most of you already know the name Tyler Ward and also know what he's known for.
Tyler Ward is a singer/songwriter from Denver, US who started to upload videos of cover songs and originals on YouTube in 2008 and soon became a sensation.

With his talent, passion and the support of his fans he's achieved a lot so far:

He toured America and Europe, got signed and released his debut album.

To find out what Tyler told me about his album, editing videos and more, read the interview.  He even shared his tour bus essentials. You should not miss this!

(click the soundcloud audios to hear Tyler answer the a few questions)
house in the sand: So Tyler, you released your album 'Honestly'. Can you tell us something about the recording process?

house in the sand: Do you have a favorite song off the album?
Tyler: Yes, I love the song 'Hoopty Hoop' because I was in the bathroom one day and the song just came to mind. It always makes me smile when we play it. 
house in the sand: Why did you decide to put 5 covers on the album?
Tyler: They were suggested by the label, they thought to put on some cover would be smart because people know these songs and to introduce me as an artist here in Germany and the main stream world.
And I like those songs.

house in the sand: Out of all covers you’ve ever recorded - is there one song you wish you’d written?
Tyler: More than one songs. All songs that I ever covered are very very very good. Just songs in general. They helped me to develop as a songwriter.

house in the sand: How long does it take to film and edit a music video for YouTube?
Tyler: The first part of that is it can take anywhere between a week to 17 hours. For example there was a Justin Bieber song that came out on a Monday night, I started recording it that Monday night it came out, the next day we shot the video and posted it online by 5pm that evening and it was the first video of that Justin Bieber song in the entire world. 
So you can imagine the surges when they found my cover before his. Which is pretty awesome.

house in the sand: And do you have a crew to work with?

Tyler: I do have a crew to work with. We've all kind of grown up together.
And Alex G. one of the artists I've work with, she's actually signed under my own music label, she has helped shoot and edit videos.
One of my rapper friends Epic has helped shoot videos, edit videos.
If they need help I help them out, if I need help they help me out.
It's not necessarly a crew, it's just pretty by myself.

house in the sand: And what does working with Tyler Ward look like? Are you really organized or do let things happen and just go with it? 

house in the sand: What was the biggest compliment you’ve ever gotten?

house in the sand: Your top three tour bus essentials are? 
Tyler: Wow ... baby wipes, that's one of them.
A clean comforter.
And fruit. Fresh fruit. These are my essentials.
Toothbrush? Not so much ... because I ... let's move on!

house in the sand: Alright! You’ve worked with tons of artists but who was your favorite to work with? Is there anyone you just enjoy working with the most?

Tyler: Cody Simpson was really cool. But Jason Derulo was my favorite. He is super talented and a good friend of mine now.

house in the sand: If you had to invite 4 musicians to your concert – who would you want to watch you?

house in the sand: A headline you’d love to read about yourself?
Tyler: Tyler Ward strikes back!
I don't know ... haha. Actually I'd love to read the headline 'Tyler's single number 1 world wide' that would be amazing.

house in the sand: A message to your fans?

house in the sand: A message to your future self in 10 years?
Tyler: Just remember Tyler, you're having a lot of fun right now. It's not that bad. Smile!

And that's it! I hope all of you enjoyed this chat with Tyler!
A big thank you to Nina from Netzagenda for organizing the interview, to Sony Music for being absolutely supportive and of course to Tyler for answering the questions and being pretty cool!

Tyler Ward online:


Thank you for reading!

images: Jory Lee Cordy | taken from press kit


  1. Really great interview! The snippets are pretty cool.
    Nice Work :D

    1. Thank you so much, Franzi! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! :) x

  2. Super Interview! :)

    Ich verfolge Tyler schon fast seit seinen Anfängen.
    Hast du ihn für das Interview getroffen?

    Viele Grüße,


    1. Hey Tanja, danke für dein Feedback! :)
      Leider nicht, ich war an dem Tag bei einem anderen Interview. Aber das Label war so nett und hat Tyler meine Fragen beantworten lassen. (Danke an Sony Music!) :)


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