EP Review: 'Topanga' by Decoded

 Band: Decoded
Title: Topanga
Genre: Rock, Soul
Label: unsigned
Release: 12th November 2013
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,
get your air guitars out - we need to rock!

Yes, today I have a very rock based EP review for you.
By the band Decoded from Los Angeles. Called 'Topanga'. It's pure rock.

Decoded are:
Derek Jordan (vocals, guitar)
Heather Miller (drums)
Tarah Carpenter (bass, backing vocals)

And their EP is out today! 

1) Topanga
2) Last Night
3) Red Handed
4) Judgement Day
5) I Can't Control It
6) Not Easy Being Alone 

Title track 'Topanga' has a massive rock vibe to it which works together with powerful and slighty aggressive vocals

The EP continues with a moveable track called 'Last Night'. It's about an 'incredible last night' and even though none of us experienced the exact night the song gives us the clue we missed something great. A croaking and howling guitar leads the track.

'Judgement Day' slows it down a bit and has more of a soul influence, but is still a driven number to blast.

Decoded keep the rock sound through out the entire EP and created some tunes that really stand out!

You should listen to these tracks: Last Night, Judgement Day

Decoded online:

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Hört sich richtig gut an! Werd die Band auf jeden Fall mal verfolgen. :)


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