EP Review: 'Heavy Eyelids' by Shoot The Rabbit

Band: Shoot The Rabbit
Title: Heavy Eyelids
Genre: indie, rock
Label: unsigned
25th November 2013
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,
the good guys of Shoot The Rabbit have released teir new EP called 'Heavy Eyelids'.
Compared with huge names like Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and The Cure, the indie band from North Wales, UK still has a very own sound.

Shoot The Rabbit are:
David Bullough (lead guitar, vocals)
Rhodri Davies (drums)
Matt Norton (bass)
Adam Taylor (rhythm guitar)

1) Let Me Down
2) Supermoon
3) Heal
4) Don't Put Your Face On
5) Veins
Opener 'Let Me Down' goes straight into your ear and stays there for a long time!
With a really catchy and addictive melody this track gets you moving.

The very well used instrumental parts frame the song and shape it into a little hit.

'Heal' is on fire! With a grand rock vibe to it, fantastic riffs, a drum beat that makes you play the air drums and expressive and quite raspy vocals at times this track definitely showcases the band's talent. 

I've been told that there's a Rabbit tradition to put one acoustic song on every EP.
And with 'Veins' they keep their tradition. 
I'd describe the song as a soft, melodic and relaxing one. But don't think it's monotous - no it's not! It takes all of your attention and soaks you in.  
To sum it up: Shoot The Rabbit did an amazing job with this EP. The sound variety is great and the songs just make sense.You really wouldn't want to miss this masterpiece.

You should listen to these tracks: Let Me Down, Heal, Veins

You can get this EP FOR FREE!
Brilliant music for free ... that's the best deal you'll get in 2013.

Shoot The Rabbit online:

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Die Band hört sich toll an, macht irgendwie gute Laune. :) Werd ich mir gleich mal runterladen.

    1. Das habe ich gerade an einen der Jungs weitergeleitet! Sie freuen sich. :) Viel Spaß beim Hören! :)


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