house in the sand chats with Martin and James

Hey guys,
two weeks ago I traveled to the beautiful Cologne to watch Martin and James and Amy MacDonald in concert.
You can read a review here.

But something really exciting happened too:
I got to interview the incredible duo Martin and James just before the show.

Martin Kelly and James O'Neill are two incredibly talented musicians from Scotland. They are signed at "Universal Music Germany" and live in Berlin, Germany. To describe their music they would use words like folk, acoustic and pop. (and add punk, death metal and jazz as a joke.)
Martin and James supported many bands and singers like Milow, Taylor Swift, Amy MacDonald, Ellie Goulding, James Morrison, One Republic, etc.
They released 2 EPs (2008: Bad Dream | 2010 Wrong Directions), their selftitled album (2011) and just a few days ago "Life's A Show", their second album got released.

So we met up at the venue next to the River Rhein (which was an absolutely stunning location) and sat down right here: 

We basically talked about everything: the new record "Life's A Show", how a broken finger was the start of their career as a duo, what music they've been enjoying lately and hey - they even showed off their German skills.

What I'd like to mention before you start watching:
This was my very first "face to face" interview and I was quite a bit nervous about messing up, etc. It was all new for me and maybe you keep that in mind while watching. :)

It wouldn't be a blogpost written by me if there weren't some sentimental bits in it...
I would like to thank the guys - Martin, James and Ryan  - for being nothing but wonderful to me. 
As I have experienced the opposite it's absolutely motivating to know that you accept and support a 17 year old. Starting out in journalism is definitely not easy but with your help it's a lot easier and funnier.

Also a big thanks to Marvin from EmergentSoundsTV for being camera man of the day. It was perfect not having to worry about that! :)

I hope you enjoyed this and are content with my job. : ) 

Find M&J online:


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