Album Review: "The Orange Line" - Wullae Wright

Artist: Wullae Wright
Title: The Orange Line
Genre: Indie, Rock
Label: unsigned
Release: 20th August 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,
we're on a review marathon over here.

Today it's Wullae Wright's newest album "The Orange Line" which is making us happy.

Wullae Wright is a musician and producer from beautiful Glasgow, Scotland
He would describe his sound as dark Indie-Rock but it seems like there isn't a genre Wullae hasn't mixed into his sound yet.

With "The Orange Line" he shows what experienced and passionate musician he is.

1) UFO
2) A Stage With Your Own Fears
3) Roadtrippin'
4) Nostalgic
5) Stand Alone (ft. Stuart Carroll)
6) Survived Unpromised Souls
7) You Never Said Anything
8) Living On The Edge
9) Plasticland
10) Superhero
11) Beware: Beckon Angels
12) A Story Of A Wall
13) All The Time

Choosing "UFO" to open the album was the best decision he could make. With a very calm intro the song makes you feel all warm and cozy before you're thrown into 8 minutes of pure rock listening pleasure.
The guitar, bass and drums work together like Ben&Jerry did for their best ice-cream flavour. 

Ironically "Nostalgic" let's you get a bit nostalgic feeling. The song is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day, spent inside going through old pictures.

"All The Time", a beautiful ballad sprinkled with raw e-guitar elements. Wullae's unique voice transport the passion and emotion of the track perfectly.
Towards the end vocals and instruments get heavier but still keep you comfortable

The intros are the some of the most out thought intros I've heard this year. Brilliant instrumentals.

Overall Wullae created an unique album that needs to be heard. His mysterious sound put together by the greatest instrumentals and his unique and strong voice fit perfectly into the indie-rock scene.

You should listen to these tracks: UFO, Living On The Edge, All The Time

Wullae's links:

I hope you enjoyed! 


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