Song Review: 'Howling' by Adam Barnes

 Artist: Adam Barnes
Title: Howling
Genre: Folk
Label: LAB Records
Release: Mid-October 2013
hits rating: 10/10

Hey guys,
you probably remember the interview I've done with Richard Walters, an amazing singer/songwriter from the UK. (If not - click here)
I was now contacted to review Richard's friends newest song.

Adam Barnes, a 21 year old folk singer/songwriter from Oxford (UK), is about to release his debut album which he was supported by tons of fans through a successful kickstarter campaign.
'Howling' is the first track off of it and I'm really happy to review it for you today.

The light and calming harmonies in the beginning set the scene perfectly and you already feel like you know what to expect from this song.
Adam's talent of telling stories through music shines through his warm, smooth voice, the light guitar strums and, of course, the powerful lyrics.

But don't be completely fooled by the calm beginning, the song builds up towards the end and marches on with full instrumentals paired with an incredibly strong vocal performance.

With this song Adam wraps you around his finger and makes you want to hear even more of his music.

So as a reviewer ... you can't help but give this track a straight 10/10 rating.

Adam's links:

I hope you enjoyed! 


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