EP Review: "Robin Hood" by Louise Parker

Artist: Louise Parker
Title: Robin Hood
Genre: Pop, Acoustic
Label: unsigned
Release: 1st August 2013
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,

Louise Parker is a singer/songwriter from Essex but she lives in Bath (UK). 
After finishing her first UK tour Louise now released her debut EP "Robin Hood", an acoustic pop recording. 

Some tracks are kept natural and acoustic and some sound a lot bigger. 

1) The Fire
2) Robin Hood
3) Pain
4) Swim Baby Swim
5) State Of Grace

As acoustic is enough to show off her talent "Swim Baby Swim" is a top track consisting of a light guitar sound and rhythmic strumming complementing the vocals which could slightly remind you of Demi Lovato.

Title track "Robin Hood" is a beautiful piano based ballad. 
The lyrics Louise writes are luckily not "senseless pop song lyrics" (no offense!) but relate-able and thoughtful stories.
Though it's pop music Louise is making there's still something soulful in her voice. Something strong and soulful that captivates you and effortlessly reaches a wide range of notes. 

You can't help but pay full attention to this lady!

You should listen to these tracks: Robin Hood, Swim Baby Swim

Louise's weblinks:

Hope you enjoyed! : )


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