Song Review: "Broken Jaw" by Laurel Canyons

Band: Laurel Canyons
Title: Broken Jaw
Genre: Rock, Americana
Label: Wire-Sound
Release: 17th June 2013
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,

song reviews are always a hell lot of fun to write!
And here's one I really enjoyed writing because the song is just a jam.

It's "Broken Jaw" by Laurel Canyons, a rock band from Yorkshire (UK).

The band consists of:
Jake Cope (vocals, acoustic guitar)
PJ Burdett (electric guitar)
France Lahmar (bass)
Arv Teeroovengadum (drums, percussion)

The song "Broken Jaw" is a mixture between Rock and Americana which kind of floats into a country-ish vibe.

Singer Jake basically killed it with his vocals and to be honest - I could not imagine this track sung by anyone else. His voice fits the song like a house fits in the sand. (See what I did there?)

As mentioned the song still goes under Rock music and what else besides great lead vocals does a Rock track need?
Right, a band which knows how to create big things.

PJ, France and Arv have done the best job they could do.
Drums, bass and guitar blend so well but still stand out separately.

Who would've known big track was recorded above a betting shop in Doncaster?

Laurel Canyons online:

I hope you enjoyed this and are now dancing to the song. You know I am.


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