Interview: Richard Walters

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I'm really excited about who's visiting house in the sand today. 
Richard Walters, an acoustic singer/songwriter from London (UK) stopped by to answer a few questions.

Richard has been making music for quite a while now, released two albums: 'The Animal' (in 2009) and 'Pacing' (in 2011) and has been played on massive TV shows such as 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'CSI: Miami'. 

With his soothing and gentle voice, writing skills some can only dream of and a great sense of composing Richard Walters is ready to blow you away. 

Find out what he told us about his newest EP, writer's block, setting goals, what he does on a day off and a lot more ... 

house in the sand: So Richard, your EP “Two Birds”, which we’re loving,  just got released. What has inspired you to write the songs featured on it? Whose stories do they tell?

Richard: After a few years of pretty much non-stop writing, recording and touring I somehow thought I'd escaped the dreaded 'writer's block'...and then it hit me at the start of this year. I found I couldn't write, could hardly bring myself to sit down at the piano or with a guitar. And then I was approached by a music supervisor in the US, seeking original songs for a film soundtrack. Each song had a very detailed brief and tied in with the plot, so i essentially had instructions to write to...and it really got me through my block. Writing with a project in mind made me want to write for the sake of it

house in the sand: You live in London, is that correct? Has this busy and crowded, yet beautiful city ever influenced your music? 
Richard: I just moved to London in the Spring...I'd put it off for years, feeling like it wasn't the right place for my head. But, I love it here. And I've started writing about where I live, it's a very charming city in a grimy kind of way...and there are bits of the city getting into my words and melodies now. 

house in the sand: Do you set yourself specific goals you want to achieve? 
If so, what are you currently aiming for?
If not, is there a reason why you don't do that?

Richard: I try to put my writing into compartments...different projects have different holes in my head. I'm working on new songs for another solo album, plus a collaborative project (with producer Guy Sigsworth) called Parla. I need order to get things done...I'm a neat freak, both in my work space and in my head.

house in the sand: Is there any musician you'd like to work with one day?

Richard: I've worked with people I admire in the past and it's been a mixed blessing...building someone up by what you hear can be dangerous, better to allow collaborations to fall into place, rather than seek them out these days...serendipity is very important.

house in the sand: Out of all songs you've ever written: which is your personal favourite?

Richard: Right now, I'm really proud of 'The Rules For Lovers' from the new EP...but it changes as I write new songs.

house in the sand: I really like your music video for "Young Tree". Can you tell us a bit about the whole filming process?

Richard: My close friend Steve Wells helped with that. He's a photographer from New Zealand, living in Paris...we met when I was living in Paris too, and just hit it off. We've been working on things together ever since. He filmed all these little moments when I was in Paris, following me around...hanging out...and then we cut it all up into a little journey.

house in the sand: So, what do you do on a day off?

Richard: I like to read, I like to watch films, go for a run...but I can't ever stop thinking about music! I always find myself coming back to work.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: I am Richard Walters and I ...

Richard: ... am a very content and lucky man. Life is good and I am grateful.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know?

Richard: Dresden is my favourite German city...I think I might make a record there next year!

house in the sand: Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions! Hope to see you live one day!

Richard: Thanks for asking them, see you soon!

You can now watch the music video we talked about in the interview and tell us what you think! 

Check out a live session Richard has done with a friend of mine:

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Click the picture to be lead to the download.

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