Get To Know: Secret Oktober

Hey guys,
house in the sand got another cool band to answer the famous "Get To Know" questions.
It's the guys of Secret Oktober, a synth rock band from pretty Birmingham (UK).

As the guys will tell you everything you need to know ... I'll be quiet now and let them do their job. :) Enjoy!

Who are you?
Sebastian Storm, from Birmingham, vocals/keyboards/guitar
Simon Pearce, from Wolverhampton, lead guitar
Andy Foster, from Coventry, fretless bass/keyboards
Paul Smith, from Wolverhampton, drums

How would you describe your music?
Our music has been described as the bastard lovechild of Duran Duran and Gary Numan, which probably says it all! We incorporate elements of rock, New Wave, disco, and synthpop to create our own style. We tend to use the labels 'art pop' and 'synth rock'.

What does music mean to you? Is there a reason you started making music?
We came together to play new, original music in the style we like. We each have different musical tastes and influences that sort of meet in the middle, thereby creating the sound of Secret Oktober. We love doing something different and really enjoy entertaining people through our music, which should always be an artist's goal.

What have you released?
We have released an album entitled 'Invitation to the Dance' earlier this year on our own label Oktoberfest Records, met by favourable reviews (incl Classic Pop Magazine). The album is available on CD or as MP3 download through all the usual retailers (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc).

What have you coming up?
We've recently supported 80s legends Heaven 17, and will be playing alongside Doctor & the Medics (Oct 18) and Blancmange (Nov 11) later this year. For the new year, we're planning to commence work on a 2nd album and hope to gain some more support slots and festival appearance to help spread the word. After that, who knows? :-)

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I hope you all enjoyed it. :)


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