Updates + Announcement

Hey guys,
I just wanted to make a little statement:
 since January house in the sand has worked with over 50 different bands. That's quite a lot as it's only me doing all the work behind it - no team. 

I'm actually really busy right now. 
(and I know that this sounds sooo like I'm trying to sound important and cool, but I'm not.

As most of you know house in the sand is not the only project I'm working on; I also write for the webzine "Albumcheck" and currently have 21 CDs I need to review for it.
Also I just got asked to contribute articles to another project but I can't really tell you about that yet. It's going to launch in October so you'll get details soon. :)
Of course HITS is my baby and I love working on new projects but it just takes a lot of time.

So far every band that wanted a feature got a feature. But now that things got busier and my readers trust me to pick great music I just think I have to start sorting out and not feature every single band. 
It breaks my heart but if I keep on saying yes to everyone I'm sure things won't turn out that well.

So starting today house in the sand blog posts will be a bit more personal again because the music featured is what I like.

I really hope nobody is going to be upset about it! It's just too much work to carry on like I used to and I hope you understand.

But doors are open for everyone so feel free to send your music and I'll definitely give it a listen! : )

Now to the update part:
I thought giving you a little "preview" on the things I'm working on right now would be nice, so here we go:
- Let's start off with the most exciting thing: I'm flying to Berlin next month!
Oh guys, you can't imagine how excited and nervous I am about this! Haha!
If things work out the way I want them too this is going to be a super awesome time for HITS.

- Also next month I'm going to meet up with Martin and James again to work on something the guys nor I have worked on yet. I'm trying to create a concept for it but it's still a little mess so yeah .. it's Rock'n'Roll.

- I am going to interview the lovely Madeline Juno, a singer/songwriter from Germany (it's so exciting to discover talented people from my area!) and right now my notebook is next to me so I can write down a few questions.
 Super excited to feature her soon! :)

- HITS is going to turn 2 years old in February so of course we need something big to celebrate ;)

I think that's enough to share, right? :o)

I really hope you understand the decision I made.

Have a lovely day!

Thanks for the wonderful support! 


  1. I think that's a very very good decision! We don't want you to overwork yourself, so picking what you like best and therefore turning the blog more personal again is definitely a great decision - you have my full support on this! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I think blogging is still something personal and I want every post to be 100% myself and be something I can be proud of. Again, thank you for always being wonderful! :) x

    2. I totally agree with you on that point - it's no use if you can't be proud of it. A person's blog will always be its best when they really mean and love what they're writing (about). So before you start putting less heart into the posts, I think your decision is completely right :)


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