Album Review: "New World" - Tom Mitchell

Artist: Tom Mitchell
Title: New World
Label: independent

Genre: singer/songwriter, acoustic, folk
Release: 27th July 2013
hits opinion: 7/10

Hey guys,

another album review for house in the sand! 
This time it's Tom Mitchell's record "New World".

Tom Mitchell, the singer/songwriter from Bristol (UK) with guitar experience of about 20 years has recently released his first solo EP called "Ruthless Thing" and now he's ready to share his album "New World" with us. 

When listening to his guitar skills it's no wonder Tom worked with artists like Duffy, The Cadbury Sisters, Juey and John Madden.

The album contains 10 tracks, here's the track list:
1) Hammock
2) Side Effects
3) The Phoenix
4) From Experience
5) Ruthless Thing
6) Only Partly There
7) He Forgot To Check His Heart In At The Door
8) Locked In
9) Run Into The Ground
10) New World

Like his EP ("Ruthless Thing") this album is a guitar and voice focused recording. Some bits of harmonica and sparsely used backing vocals hold the tracks together.

Tom's visualizing songwriting, his way of expressing and impressive composing skills turn the record into a piece of music not every artists could produce.

"Locked In" represents Tom's guitar experience: a lovely track impressing with calm vocals, a catchy melody and clever used backings.

The song which stands out the most is "Run Into The Ground", a very upbeat, energetic song. A song that easily catches your attention and soaks you in with its' guitar and drums arrangement.
The most rock influenced a folk song can be.

You should listen to these tracks: The Phoenix, From Experience, Run Into The Ground

If you're into meaningful and handmade music - go and grab a copy!

-> here!

Tom's social media links:

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