Album Review: "Quite Frankly" by Nina Baker

Artist: Nina Baker
Title: Quite Frankly
Genre: Pop, Jazz
Label: unsigned
Release: 6th January 2014
hits rating: 8/10 
Hey guys,
add cupcakes, sweets, cotton candy and tea then put it all together and enjoy what you get.

Wait - no I'm not writing a recipe - I'm just reviewing Nina Baker's album "Quite Frankly".
Nina Baker is a singer/songwriter who's usually on the road has been a part of the music business for quite a while now.
Getting handpicked by BBC Introducing to attend their 2013 Master Class and beating over 500 acts to make it to the final round says a lot in my opinion.

When I first saw the cover I just fell in love with it. 
The beautiful Nina is sat on a bench fixing her make up and around her there's just everything girly girls love: cupcakes, tons of colourful items, flowers and (my favourite) an adorable ginger bread man.

With great piano riffs and heartfelt lyrics Nina mixed pop, blues, folk, jazz, country and even more genres. The record is influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Bush and Amy Winehouse but still is unique and something you haven't heard yet.

Telling you that she doesn't need you in her "Single Bed", the opener, Nina greets you with the loveliest and happiest sounds that totally match the cover.

But the album is not just rainbow and unicors. Getting more honest and emotional in "Bruising", Nina's fragile voice is setting the scene which is complimented by the matured instrumentals.

Her beautiful voice, the lyrics and the whole feeling you get when you listen to the album just work together.
 The songs tell stories, honest stories and Nina really means what she sings because she wrote all songs. 

You should listen to these tracks: Single Bed, Bruising, Tell Me

Find Nina online:

I hope you enjoyed!


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