The HITS Playlist: part 3

Hey guys,
you probably remember what the HITS Playlist is about.
Yes, it's all artists ever featured on this blog thrown into a big playlist.

But the playlist is a bit to big so it's split into several parts.
Check out part 1
and part 2.

Just like 1&2, part three contains incredibly talented artists who are all worth a listen.

So go ahead and find great tunes!

"With You" - Better Looking People With Superior Ideas 
"She's No Lady" - Tingle In The Netherlands
"To The Gallows" - The Castellers
"Hammock" - Tom Mitchell
"New Bright" - Thomas McConnell
"Caroline" - Streetcar Rendezvous
"It's All Lies" - Arizona Rifles
"Speeding Train" - Dennis McCalmont
"Freak" - Ambrose Chappel & iKashflo
"Guide You Home" - Fluorescent Hearts
"Fallen Down" - Joe Symes & the Loving Kind

I really recommend checking out every single artist/band because honestly ... these people are great and produced music that needs to be heard.

Hope you enjoyed! 


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