Song Review: "Freedom Fighter" by TiTOR'S iNSiGNiA

Band: TiTOR'S iNSiGNiA
Title: Freedom Fighter
(Acoustic) Rock
Label: unsigned
Release: 24th September 2013
hits rating: 10/10

Hey guys,
 TiTOR'S iNSiGNiA, the rock band from St. Helens (UK) is most definitely celebrating the release of their single "Freedom Fighter" today. And house in the sand wouldn't be house in the sand if it didn't celebrate along by reviewing the track.

The band consists of:
Stuart Ogden (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
Robert James (lead guitar)
Stephen Swift (drums)
Peter Murphy (bass)

Starting out with a single acoustic guitar the song captures you attention by convincing you with the intimate atmosphere. The soft guitar strumming and the emotional but still strong vocals already give you the clue that for this song the rockers slowed it down.

After the first chorus the band added a constant drum beat, electric guitar elements and precise used backing vocals.

"Freedom Fighters make the world a better place to be." - the song's lyrics pay tribute to all the soldiers who fought and still fight for the countries. 

But the song does not only honour these strong men, it's also part of ABF The Soldiers' Charity. 
Here's what you can find in the press kit:
"ABF The Soldiers' Charity give invaluable lifetime support to serving and retired soldiers and their families, helping towards caring for their physical, mental and financial needs. It is essential that this work should continue to reach as many as possible who desperately need help."

And I completely agree! Please buy the song on iTunes - every single penny goes straight to the Charity and will help people live their lives peacefully after all they've been through.


Find TiTOR'S iNSiGNiA online:

I hope you enjoyed it and please go and buy this song!


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