EP Talk Through: "Illusion" - The Nathan Carlson Project

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today I've got a really interesting kind of post for you:
an EP Talk Through with The Nathan Carlson Project

For those who don't quite know what that means:
 the artist who wrote and created the album or EP  talks us through each track of the finished product and explains what's behind the songs, how they were born and what he/she inspired to create it.

The Nathan Carlson Project is an electronic / melodic synthpop music project called to life by Nathan Carlson from Australia.

As today is the official release day we decided to celebrate this by talking you through the EP called "Illusion". 

This track is actually my first electronic composition.  I wrote it when I was bored with technical metal and wanted to try other musical expressions.  When I wrote the track I had no idea about MIDI, electronic composition, but after I was done I had a strong rush of feelings and emotions that brought me back to my youth and my first love which was electronic music.  That’s when The Nathan Carlson Project was born.

Dance was originally slated for my debut album, but I was never totally comfortable with it on the album, it just didn’t flow, but I wanted to release it because it’s a great track, so the EP became its new home.  Musically, it’s very much 80’s inspired, almost disco-like, but with some melodic trance elements which to my ears keeps it from sounding too dated.

This is it – the moment TNCP was born J This is the very first attempt I made at electronic music, and birthed the start of a (hopefully) successful career.  It’s probably a bit dull to be honest, but you gotta start somewhere right? 

This is a demo of my most popular track of my EP Starfall, and still has its charm for me despite the lack of mix.  I listen to it every now and then to remind me of where I come from.

This track is loosely inspired by Cutter’s Theme from the film Passenger 57, and came about when I was writing Starfall, so kind of a B-side if you like.  Has some great ambience and a cool little melody, dark but bouncy.  Still fun to listen to.

If I may say so, I love this track!  Solar Winds was one of those tracks that basically wrote itself, when I was done writing it I just remember how powerful it was to hear, the demo alone was a reason to dance J One of those moments that reminds you why you work so hard at something you love. Solar Winds comes out as a single on 1/8/13 via ReverbNation.

I came up with this after seeing the movie Ice Quake.  It represents my love of all things arctic/Alaska/Siberia etc.  it’s basically an ode to a huge mountain, and the power that Mother Nature holds over us.  The demo is very bass heavy, but I left it that way because, like all my material it represents a moment in time, and who am I to mess with that? 

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