Song Review: "Creep" - Emine

Hey guys,
today I'd like to review a cover song.

The song is called "Creep" and it's originally performed by Radiohead.
"Creep" was written in 1992, didn't do well on charts, was re-released in 1993 and then became a massive hit all around the world.

Emine Sari is a singer/songwriter from a small town in Turkey. S
he's been making music ever since she was little kid and that experience clearly shines through her music.
After moving to Japan due to health problems Emine decided to enter the Japanese version of "American Idol" which turned out to be a huge success: as the first foreign contestant she made it all they way to the finale.

It's her ability to talk (and sing) in six languages and her absolutely sweet and inspiring personality that make her unique.

Back to the cover:
Emine took the laid back, relaxing vibe of the song to another level.
Changing the song into a piano based version and adding a really jazzy feeling gives the song a new face.
Her lovely calm vocals that hit each note like they should smooth out the entire song and just make you enjoy it.

Listen to it now:

Emine's links:

I hope you enjoyed! :) 


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