Interview: Those Makeshift Heroes

Hey guys,
I got to interview the cool guys of Those Makeshift Heroes.
The three piece band from London (UK) makes the world a better place by playing Alt-Rock. 

Those Makeshift Heroes are:
Chris Ransome (guitar, vocals)
Mike Ransome (bass, vocals)
Chris Haywood (drums)

See what they told me about their band, Hayley Williams, always being hungry and a lot more...

house in the sand: So to prepare this interview I checked your Facebook page for some information and came across your influences, such as: Paramore, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters and a lot more.
In which ways do they influence you? In writing? Or performing? Or maybe dressing?

Chris R: Our influences are bigger than that list, but I guess that they are the artists most people would have heard of. Mike and I (Chris R) grew up on the old skool Biffy (Vertigo of Bliss etc) so that comes out in our harmonies and the chords I use. The Foo Fighters just in the power of what they play, although a lot of our power is influenced by bands like the Who and the 80s rock style bands.
 Paramore – Hayleys dress sense. Chris H looks great in a skirt. J 

Mike R: all our influences stretch across all aspects of our music from our playing styles to our melodies and songwriting as a whole. My main influence on the bass would be John Entwistle of the Who. He had such a slick and skilful style that most bassists could only dream of playing......*swoon*. Vocally I’d say alot of our melodies stem from soulful motown tunes as well as the epic rock styles of Iron Maiden, Reuben and Coheed and Cambria.

house in the sand: Ok, Those Makeshift Heroes, I have to ask you this one question: what is the story behind your band name?

Chris R: We were going to go with "Hello my name is Hero" but thought it was too long. After a lot of debate and a lot of tooing and froing we stuck with Those Makeshift Heroes as it kind of summed up what we were doing – putting together a band from scratch, entirely by ourselves, doing everything – from the recording to the releasing of the record as well as all the PR and everything in between. It’s slowly working :D

house in the sand: How would you describe your band in three words?

Chris H: Powerful, Soulful and Hungry.

house in the sand: If you had to cover a song right now, which one would it be?

Mike R: Probably Get Lucky by Daft Punk. It’s a proper tune. You may even be hearing a cover of this by us very soon...

house in the sand: The best gig you’ve ever been to was?

Chris R: Any number of “The Who” gigs I’ve been too. They may be a little older than the rest but I’ve never seen any rock band sound like they do live. It’s incredible. So much energy. And when they have all their session players with them it just adds to the awesomeness! Other than that, a show I went to in Brighton at the Concorde 2 – Million Dead (Frank Turners rock band) and Reuben. Awesome show.

Mike R: I have to agree with my bro Chris on The Who gig, I’ve seen them 10 times and every time they seem to blow evey other band I’ve seen out of the water..
I also went to see Coheed and Cambria when they were doing their tour of all of their albums. I went to the ‘In Keeping Secrets ‘ show and it was AMAZING!

Chris H: mines a toss up between the Foo Fighters Wembley gig which was astounding, or Them Crooked Vultures at Brixton Academy. The musicianship at that gig was just second to none. My mouth was actually wide open at times...

house in the sand: What is the best thing that happened to the three of you as a band?

Chris R: Actually having a band where everyone wants to put 110% effort in. I’ve been in bands in the past and the main problem was having to carry the lazy ones...but not this time! 

Mike R: ^^^THIS

house in the sand: Imagine you could invite any person in the world to come to your gig. Who would it be and why?

 Chris H: The three of us got together because of our love for an band called Reuben (who have broken up now sadly). Having the lead singer there (a guy called Jamie Lenman) would be a real memorable moment. His song writing influences us massively, and so to just hear his thoughts on our music would be a bit of a star-struck moment!

house in the sand: Please finish the following sentence: We are Those Makeshift Heroes and we …

Chris R: ...are still hungry.

Chris H: ...want to make the World rock

Mike R: Want to bring proper musicianship back into the commercial market.....

house in the sand: Is there anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know?

Those Makeshift Heroes: You can download our EP and more FOR FREE from We also offer production and songwriting services. Check out the showreel at

Massive thanks to Chris, Mike and Chris for answering my questions! 

Watch a live acoustic version of "Such A Shame":

Find Those Makeshift Heroes online:

I hope you enjoyed! : )


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