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Hey guys,
I decided it was about time for me to blog about the things I love again.
Don't get me wrong - I love everything that lands on house in the sand.

But lately (let's say over the past two months) I've written review over review over Spotlight On's over get to knows over interviews. Of course that's exactly what I want to do and I couldn't be happier about the amount of emails and tweets I get from musicians who'd like to be featured.

It really makes me happy to know there are people who like what I do on here. It means I'm doing the right thing and it also means that (music) journalism is what I want to be doing in my life.

But permanently writing about the submissions can get tiring at some point. That does not mean I don't like the music. (Geeez, I love it!)
And when things become tiring you have to change something and make everything exciting again. That's why today I'd like to share some of my favourite performances with you!

Also, some critics I got maybe forgot that this is still a personal blog, written by a journalism student - not a professional blog written by an expert. ;)

So here we go:

"Panic Cord" - Gabrielle Aplin
I just recently got introduced to Gabrielle and instantly liked her. This performance of "Panic Cord" seems to be my favourite.. It's so vulnerable and kind of mysterious.

"Devils In The Doorway" - Martin and James
Ok, so it's quite hard to pick a favourite performance of a band that's pretty much always in top shape when it comes to playing live. "Devils In The Doorway" is one of many favourite songs so I guess this performance is made for this list.

"Through My Weakness" - Jim Kroft
One of the songs I can relate to 100% (probably even more). Jim is my very favourite songwriter and performer. I can walk into a venue with tons of problems on my mind but the second Jim enters the stage they seem to be gone for a while. And no matter how weak I feel when I arrive, when I leave I've got so much strength again.

"Another Love" - Tom Odell
One of those guys I rather listen to live than on CD. Don't get me wrong - his record is fantastic but the emotion and energy that's going on live is just a bit more intense.

"Sister Sun Brother Moon" - Leslie Clio
It's not a secret that I don't have loads of favourite musicians from Germany. But Leslie Clio is one of the few. Her voice is so special and strong. 

"Good Girl" - Carrie Underwood
Carrie, oh Carrie, I love your voice. Really, there's no other like Carrie when it comes to that. Also the energy in her performance is so passionate and real.

"Lego House" - Ed Sheeran
I've got a soft spot for Ed Sheeran ... so that just explains everything. There's something about his voice that gets me. 

"Misery Business" - Paramore
Can't believe I'm going to see Paramore live in just a month! I've been loving their music for 5 years now and thinking about seeing them live gets me waaay to excited!
Hayley's voice and way of performing the songs is just great.

"Pompeii" - Bastille
So I have to admit when I first heard about Bastille I was like "oh another band..." - and that was one stupid thought! Just came across this video and now I'm totally blown away. The percussion work is incredible!

Now which are your favourite performances? 
Tweet me links, leave a comment or facebook me. I would love to watch some videos and get to know the music you love.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I enjoy. : )


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fy6YxPM98U




  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSamuafalzU (actually all of his songs, this one is just his new single :) )


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjk58f3c5sg (this cover, not the original ;) )


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