Get To Know: The Megadudes (+Single Review)

Hey guys,
"Get To Know" posts are always fun as the artists can let out all of their energy to describe and represent themselves.

And that's exactly what The Megadudes, the rock band from London (UK) did.

Check it out:

Who are you? 
From picturesque Hayes; Chris Rhodes - Vocals and guitar 
From some village in Kent; Tom Mitchell - Drums
Also from picturesque Hayes; Kyle Radbone - Bass
From the East Midlands/North: Adam Gardner - Guitar
Together, we are the unstoppable fuck machine that is The Megadudes.  

How would you describe your music? 
Take 1/2 cup of Pinkerton by Weezer, one ounce of Elvis Costello, 8 millilitres of Redd Kross, a pint of Yuck!, mix with self raising flower and cook at Gas Mark 6 for 35 minutes. The get arrested by PC gone mad EU bureaucrats for mixing imperial and metric measurements.

What does music mean to you?
Tough question…hmmm.... next.

Is there a reason you started making music?
Yes, to get off with as many girls as possible. Nothing else.

What have you released so far? What have you coming up?
Three singles which have now literally sold out on iTunes but are available on Youtube/Spotify/illegal Russian torrent sites. 'Tell Me Toby' (which is amazing btw) is out on the 30th Sep. You can pre-order it now! Stop reading this and order it. NOW.
Our debut album 'Postcards From The Past' is out in November 2013. Obvs it's AMAZING. We will be playing loads of shows to support it so come to one, we offer a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Now that you know how the guys roll, here's their single "Tell Me Toby". 
Listen to an exclusive sneak peak and read my short review:
(Yes I've heard the full song already.)

"Tell Me Toby" is a rock song like you'd want to hear it:
a guitar melody that's most likely to get stuck in your head combined with heavy vocals which you'll find yourself singing as soon as you know the words and a drum beat that gets you moving.

Get your air guitar out for the mad solo!
And then go and pre-order the song!

Link party:

I hope you enjoyed!


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