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Hey guys,
today I'd like to help out a good friend of mine.

As some of you who have been there for a while still remember I once sold band bracelets I created myself.

My good friend, Lisa, just recently started one of those bracelet businesses and to be honest - she's doing it way more professional than I ever could.

While I had M&J bracelets she decided to go for her favourite band - Blue.
If you don't immediately remember that band, it's ok. They've had a break of about ten years and just celebrated their come back.

For those who certainly do remember the band because they are fans - today's your lucky day.

Lisa sells blue Blue bracelets so you can easily show your love for the boys.

Here's a quick overview of what you can shop:
The bracelets ship world wide. How exciting!

For further details, head over to the page and check out the well designed space of web Lisa created.

Social media links:

Let me know if you're going to order something. : )


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