Concert Review: Martin and James (supporting Amy MacDonald)

Hey guys,
as most of you already know - I went to Cologne yesterday to see Martin and James perform.

I was planning to write a full review of their set and Amy MacDonald's but as I didn't catch Amy's full show, I just decided to write a more laid back review with personal impressions.

The road trip to Cologne was pretty different to the usual as the streets were horribly crowded and made me arrive much later than planned.
When we finally arrived (after what felt like 4 days but really was just 4 hours) and met up with a friend it was time to head inside to interview Martin and James.

It was the first time for me to interview artists face to face and you probably can imagine that I was quite a bit terrified/nervous.
But what can I say? The guys have been absolutely lovely, talkative and really loyal. 

The interview was filmed so I'm going to upload that as soon as I get the finished product. Really excited to see how it turned out. 

For now, here are just two little impressions of what the interview was like:

This was right next to where the interview was done. Super nice spot where no pre-gig chaos was to be found.
(Sadly the ducks didn't want to answer any questions ... maybe I'll try again some day.)

Right after the interview. : )

Soon the show started and being in front row surrounded by other fans was really nice. It was so wonderful to have music lovers to talk to and get to know the bands they like.
Nothing is better than sharing music.

Martin and James started with "Maybe It's Time" which happens to be one of my favourite songs. (You'll hear the word "favourite" quite often when it comes to talking about their songs!)
Due to tiny technical difficulties there was a small break afterwards but the crowd was enjoying how well they handled that. 
When they played "Wrong Directions", the title track of house in the sand I got very happy. (I've been happy all the time though...)

But the highlight was when they asked the crowd to sing along to "Matilda" and after little misunderstandings in the beginning it worked out so well.
I could tell the crowd was really into it. At least the people next to me had fun singing the catchy chorus like there's no tomorrow. I enjoyed that.
The setlist:
Maybe It's Time
Crashing Into Love
I Have To Fall
Wrong Directions
My Dog Don't Like The Rain
Cynical Skin
Life's A Show

Here's a video of M&J performing "Matilda" together with the lovely crowd. I had a good time singing along. (Filmed by Marvin)

What would a review be without pictures? Yeah, a review without pictures. Right.
But anyways - here are some of the ones I took.


As we were handing out some flyers to promote the album and tour and still had some left afterwards I decided to pimp the cars in the parking lot.

And I took that very serious!

And this is the last picture taken... Cologne, thank you for always being nice to us. Will be back soon.

And I really have to say a big big big thanks to Ryan, Martin & James - you have been nothing but wonderful to me and I probably can't even thank you enough. I hope you know what for and I hope you like this post.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading this and the last thing I have to tell you:

stay tuned for the interview as I'm planning to give away some M&J goodies then.

Thanks everyone, without loyal readers like you there wouldn't be any reason for me to do things like this. It really means the world that some of you care. : )


  1. Those pictures are so awesome!!!

  2. So happy for you that you got the chance to have a face to face interview :)) enjoyed reading your review! Xx

    1. Thankiiiies. (I must say I'm quite happy about that too...) :) thanks again. x

  3. Super Video und die Bilder sind auch spitze! Hattet ihr den "Stand" eigentlich noch entdeckt????
    Ich fand ihn echt eine Frechheit (die armen Schotten)!!

    LG Nicole

    1. Hi, vielen Dank, das freut mich! Nein, haben nichts mehr gefunden, sind aber auch schon etwas früher gegangen.
      Ihr habt ihn also noch gesehen? War er so schlimm?


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