EP Review: "The Traveller's Song" - Lizabett Russo

Hey guys,
I got asked to review Lizabett Russo's debut E.P and after first listening to it I just knew I had to.

Lizabett Russo is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen (Scotland).
Her sound is a mix of acoustic, folk and soul and maybe some bits of pop also.

She kindly sent me her debut E.P called "The Traveller's Song" for me to review it.

So here's my track by track review:

"Lose Your Colour":
A light song, guitar based with happy chords used. Lizabett's soulful voice reaches the notes effortlessly and goes along with the whole concept of the song very well.
A nice beat builds up towards the end but then flows into the calm guitar picking from the beginning. 

"The Traveller's Song":
The title track of the EP has a clear electric guitar based melody leading throughout the entire song supported by a light drum beat.
And again Miss Russo's voice adds a lovely dose of soul to the folky song.

I really like how Lizabett used visual songwriting for this song. You know, the kind of writing style where you get a clearly pictured story through the lyrics.
Besides the main voice she also recorded backing vocals for the chorus. A laid back track that will get you dreaming of whatever you want to dream of.
The song ends with very impressive a-Capella harmonies.

Lizabett knows exactly what her voice can do and uses that knowledge to create fantastic songs!

To download "The Traveller's Song EP" click the cover art:
(download doesn't start immediately!)

Lizabett's links:

I hope you're going to listen to her brilliant songs. :)


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