Get To Know: Broken Witt Rebels

Hey guys,
on this lovely day I've got a cheeky little "Get To Know" post for you.
You're going to get to know (if you read on, of course!) a very cool blues/rock band from Birmingham (England).

The four gentlemen are also known as Broken Witt Rebels.

So let the rebellion begin!

Who are you? 
We are „Broken Witt Rebels”, a 4 piece Birmingham, balls to the wall - blues, rock & roll band!
Danny Core - Vocals & Guitar
James Tranter - Lead Guitar
Luke Davis - Bass Guitar
Anthony Jung - Drums

How would you describe your music? 
Our music has been best described in many reviews as classic British music with elements of a southern American flare, music that makes you want to swig that whisky bottle dry! And sway to the music in perfect ecstasy!  

What does music mean to you? 
Playing music that's so precious to us, then onto audiences, it’s not about fashion or wanting to be in a click! It’s about 4 guys that love what we do and perform it in a way like no other!

Is there a reason you started making music? 
No reason, just more a natural progression. We brought cheap guitars, learned the basics as we are all self-taught musicians, then years passed and when we formed as BWR it all clicked right away! Now we set out to take over the world! So watch out, the Rebels are coming!!

What have you released so far? 
We brought our first single - 'All Worn Out' in February on all digital download sites etc... and had such a good response which really blew us away! We had sales all over the world! 
then our new single we released in July 'Call Out The Sun' (again on all digital download sites) this was our summer song! This song organically bloomed right in front of us in rehearsals, and right away we knew this was our follow up single.

What have you got coming up? 
We have a lot of shows coming up up and down the UK, but really love playing our hometown of Birmingham and the Rebel Army (our fans) are like no other! Also we plan to release our third single in the winter, we already have recorded this song and this is really gonna blow you away! 

Watch the video for the guys' song "Call Out The Sun", but let me tell you - it's such a jam! You'll love it!

Link party with Broken Witt Rebels:

Of course I hope you enjoyed this post and are now listening to BWR. : )

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