Giveaway: Martin and James goodies [CLOSED]

Hey guys,
as I promised in this post I'm finally giving some stuff away again.

As I just recently interviewed Martin and James and got some more things planned involving them I decided to hold a M&J themed giveaway.

Please do not freak out because this is not the biggest giveaway ever.
But it's nice!

I got three pieces to give away and decided to let three of you win one piece instead of one person win everything.
Giveaways are always some kind of thank you so the more people can win something, the better!

Here's what you can win:

The "Bad Dream" EP:
I'd like to say this is the jackpot because it's music.
The EP is not the current one but it's still amazing and contains 5 songs. (five incredible songs!)

Another lovely thing to win. The rather large statement bag is probably more a "fan thing" but how can one not be a M&J fan?!

Concert pictures + bracelet:
 As I always take tons of pictures at M&J concerts I decided to give you the option to win a few. Maybe you like print outs as much as I do. 
The bracelet is one of only 25 M&J bracelets existing. 

What you have to do to win:
- depending on if you're a Twitter or Facebook user follow those rules
- comment (on FB Wall) or tweet your first and second choice of prices.

For example if you don't like bags at all and would like the EP then comment:
I want 1) the EP and 2) the pictures + bracelet
If you are one of the three winners I will pick a price out of your choices.

All winners + their prices will be picked randomly.

For Twitter users:
- use the hashtag #hitsGiveawayMJ and tweet what you'd like to win (two items! read above)

For Facebook users:
- comment on the house in the sand wall (NOT the M&J one!) what you'd like to win (two items! read above)

If you are younger than 18 years please ask you parents if participating is alright.
I am going to need your address as I sadly can't "beam" things to you.

The giveaway ships worldwide so don't worry! ;)

END OF GIVEAWAY: Friday, 06th September 2013
I am going to list all winners in a blogpost and contact each of them for details.

I hope you're going to join and am crossing my fingers for each of you. : )

Cheers! (to end this the M&J way)

*decor items on the pictures are NOT going to be given away* 


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