Review: "Life's A Show" - Martin and James

Band: Martin and James
Title: Life's A Show
Genre: acoustic, folk, pop
Label: Vertigo / Universal
Release: 30th August 2013
hits rating: 10/10


Hey guys,
I could not be happier to write today's review.
30th August is the day music lovers have been looking forward to for quite a while now.

Martin and James from Glasgow (Scotland) are now ready to conquer the world with the second album "Life's A Show"

If you've seen Martin and James multiple times performing live you already got an idea of their talent. They play 2 or 3 instruments at once, they barely never miss a note and they just sound great.

So what can you expect from this longplayer?
Let me tell you:

1) Cold Heart
2) Matilda
3) My Dog Don't Like The Rain
4) Cynical Skin
5) You'll Be Gone, I'll Be Here
6) I Know A Girl
7) Don't Let It Go
8) Where I Belong
9) My Last Prayer
10) The Rope
11) See No Land
12) Life's A Show

If you have heard "Matilda", the first single off the album you'll probably agree that it got us all singing along to the cheerful and catchy chorus. 

With "My Dog Don't Like The Rain" the guys already use the third track to show that they don't need more than guitars and their great harmonies to impress but then again with the opener "Cold Heart" you'll get the idea that they're more than that and how they surely know how to compose bigger things.

 "See No Land" brings out the rock side of the album. Raspy vocals, the finest guitar skills and lyrics that get you.

Looking for goose bumps? No problem, Martin and James got you covered up with "I Know A Girl" which consists of their warm voices and the wonderfully used guitar melodies

"You'll Be Gone, I'll Be Here" - the guys' favourite song off the album totally deserves being a favourite. While "the big elements" (choir, synth, drums) have been separated from the "calm, laid back tracks" (vocals, guitar based) on the album - this track combines them wonderfully.
The calm verses blend vocals and harmonies and you first think the song is a calm one - but then in the chorus it hits you with choir elements a drum beat and touching lyrics.

The lyrics became even more mature and deeper. Something I thought wouldn't be possible after listening to their debut album which already blew me away.

You should listen to these tracks: Matilda, Cynical Skin, I Know A Girl, Life's A Show

Listen to song snippets here:

If life's a Martin and James show ... 

well then life's good.

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I can't wait to hear what you think about this album.
Please let me know! : )


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