The HITS playlist - part 2

Hey guys, 
here is part two of the HITS Playlist!

If you don't exactly know what that is, let me explain:
As I have worked with a nice amount of artists and bands I decided to turn the list I keep with all of them written down into a playlist.

Because the list is actually quite long (insert proud face here) I decided to split it into multiple parts.
You can find part one here.

Now here's part two:

(click on song title to listen, read more about each artist/band in the Genre Filter)

"All The Way" - KOBI
"Hold Your Breath" - Richie Ashwin
"Hands Dance Hands" - The Unassisted
"Sing Your Song" - 20 Riverside
"Heart Will Haunt" - The Bedroom Hour
"Hide" - Matt Swift
"Only One" - The Bora
"Glass Waltz" - The Plea
"Chemical Friends" - Puppet Rebellion
"Best Keep Quiet" - Shoot The Rabbit
"Crash And Burn" - Bronte Bird
"The Stranger" - The Nathan Carlson Project

Please please please take time to check out these songs.
If you just like one of them and can help out the artist then that would be pretty cool.

Stay tuned for part three coming soon!

Thank you a lot!


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