Album: "Set Fire" - The Box Tiger

Band: The Box Tiger
Title: Set Fire
Genre: Indie-Rock
Label: unsigned
Release: 6th August 2013
hits rating: 9/10

Hey guys,
another album review, another GREAT band.

A while ago I got an email by a member of a female fronted band. That kind of made me curious because I sadly don't have lots of ladies on house in the sand yet. 
I kindly got send the band's debut album.

So who am I talking about?
The Box Tiger, an indie-rock band from Toronto (Canada).

The band consists of:
Sonia Sturino (vocals, guitar)
Jordan Stowell (guitar, bass)
Marcus Cipparrone (drums)
Benjamin Tran (bass)

image: Jason Cipparrone
Formed in late 2009 the band quickly began gigging and working on their self-titled EP which got released in 2010.

Their debut album "Set Fire" was self-produced by Sonia, Jordan and Marcus who started working on demos in late 2011.

Now that "Set Fire" is out, here's what I think about it:

"Bleeding Heart", the perfect opener. Sonia's voice is at it's best.
The variety of notes she's reaching is quite impressive and works so well with the sound of the song.
"Knives" - the ultimate track for indie rock lovers like me. The up building beat completely compliments the vocals and the guitars and bass just blend together so well. It's almost unbelievable.
If you're looking for a softer, laid back track - don't worry - The Box Tiger have got you covered up. "Taller Than Trees", a great track which relays on percussion and e-guitar elements which turn into a clear melody.

To sum it up: "Set Fire" is one of those records that soak you in. You know, when you can't help but tap your feet to the rhythm and you're just constantly humming along without even trying to. 

Everything on the record just works! Go and buy it!

Watch the video for "Knives" (my personal favourite) here:

Link party with The Box Tiger:

I hope you enjoyed. Secretly I'm sure you did.


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